Why Choose Greater New Orleans - Louisiana Delta?

It's no surprise that corps members and alumni fall in love with the Greater New Orleans and Louisiana Delta communities. Those who grew up here share a deep connection with their students. Each community offers unique opportunities that you won't find anywhere else in the country.

Why We Love Greater New Orleans

“The generosity of the people of New Orleans and the depth of its history and culture, combined with the innovation that's so alive -- especially in the realm of education -- make this the most beautiful place to live. Every day, I work with people who are working tirelessly to ensure every kid in this city has equal opportunity to excel. It’s inspiring to be a part of an expansive, yet tightly knit team of people who are united by hope for the future and future generation. I've found a new family here, and here is now home.” - Denali Lander (2009 Greater New Orleans Corps)
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"There is a unique aura in New Orleans, a place where people are compassionate, the food is spectacular, and the music is nothing short of sublime. Through all these marvelous attributes it is the sense of community that draws me in, a sense that no matter what life brings, people will always be there to cheer you on!" –Mary Kate Newell (2016 Greater New Orleans Corps)
"What makes living and working in the city so amazing is definitely the people. As a teacher, I get to spend time with locals who pride themselves on everything New Orleans. Imagine getting to spend weekends on Frenchmen Street or the Garden District. Imagine getting to eat fried-catfish at 10:00 p.m. and a beignet at midnight. Very few are able to claim they regularly attend the oldest pub in the nation or get to listen to Jazz in its birthplace. I would need to write a novel in order to fully outline my love for New Orleans. Not one person experiences the city in the same way. While everyone appreciates it, the pure love every person has for the city manifests itself in so many different ways. I am more than proud to call New Orleans home. The city is a gem; the people are my family." –Max Oberlander (2015 Greater New Orleans Corps)
"There are so many reasons why I love living in New Orleans. From festival season to walks alongside the Mississippi, the list goes on and on. Above anything, I have developed deep relationships with co-workers, corps members, and friends that have greatly influenced my professional and personal development. New Orleans is a truly magical city that, even if I one day move away, will always be home." –Jeremy Guyton (2012 Greater New Orleans Corps)
"I feel like this region has birthed me again in a sense. I have experienced a cultural rebirth since taking residence in this city. It is not like any of the other southern cities I have held residence in. New Orleans is such a gem in the south. Being immersed in New Orleans culture has completely changed my life. Being around such strong, resilient, and caring people daily has made me want to be a better person for my community. There are so many beautiful things to enjoy about the culture here. With second-line parades, Mardi Gras, and the overall nature of having a good time there is never a dull moment. There is also a love of the arts, appreciation of the theater, and overall acceptance of all people who live here. Actually, there are many minority communities that are rich in heritage here, which makes me feel at home. But, no matter who you are New Orleans makes you feel like family. It also helps that the New Orleans Teach for America region made it so easy for us to mesh perfectly as a regional family. I appreciate having my network of people in the city always willing to help from inside and outside of Teach for America. I especially love that the residents here are living life in a way that is full of spirit. New Orleans has won my heart with its contagious, beautiful spirit. I am lucky to call this city home." –Jasmine Fluker (2014 Greater New Orleans Corps)

Why We Love the Louisiana Delta

"My favorite thing about our region has to be the students. My students are some of the most positive individuals I have ever met, and getting the chance to learn with them every day is a privilege. In the classroom, they are willing to take on any challenge, and work together so that no one falls behind. I know that they will go on to confront some of the world’s most urgent problems. I don’t usually say things like this, but my students give me hope of a better future. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else." –Megan Preis (2015 Louisiana Delta Corps)
"I love how it's hard to be a stranger in the Delta. I remember driving down to Louisiana from Cleveland and worrying about being a new outsider in the community. That fear evaporated quickly when a fellow teacher brought over dinner during the first week I was in town. From that start, I knew I was not alone in this work. The community here is incredibly welcoming and supportive of the schools, which are often the center of the community. It is difficult to walk around school or town without someone stopping you to say hello or ask how things are going. For instance, I love going to the grocery store, the football game, or a restaurant in town and seeing my students, their parents, and other members of the community. These little moments have lasting impact by bridging the gap of the work we do inside and outside of the classroom. Moreover, they offer great opportunities to build strong partnerships with families and other stakeholders in the community. To top it all off, they simply brighten my day and continue to reaffirm my love for the Delta." –Drew Mestelske (2015 Louisiana Delta Corps)